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Experienced handling of your Florida construction law and litigation matters

The Boutty Law Firm, P.A. handles construction law matters of all levels of complexity for plaintiffs and defendants. We represent construction law clients in both state and federal courts. Whether you need a qualified attorney to defend you in a construction defect or construction lien claim or to draft or negotiate contracts, we can help. Attorney Shane Boutty owned several construction companies, is a state-certified contractor, and has been in the construction industry for more than 20 years, so he understands the construction business. He also teaches a variety of classes to contractors and tradesman including state approved continuing education courses. Mr. Boutty’s dependable work and strong ties to the Florida construction and legal communities have built our firm’s solid reputation with clients and peers.

We provide knowledgeable guidance and assistance with best practices, and we employ concepts designed to minimize exposure and risk to our clients. We incorporate the latest legal technologies into our practice so we can spend more time focusing on your legal matters. We are skillful in negotiation, mediation and litigation, and we can help you grow your construction business and protect your interests.

The Boutty Law Firm, P.A. represents:

  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Developers
  • Construction companies
  • Homeowners
  • Property owners
  • Material suppliers
  • Architects
  • Homeowner associations

Practical assistance for Florida construction businesses

The Boutty Law Firm, P.A. assists clients with a full range of legal issues, including:

Settling your construction disputes

The Boutty Law Firm, P.A. represents clients in all types of residential and commercial construction disputes, including:

  • Construction contract disputes
  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Insurance-related issues
  • Product failures
  • Design defect claims
  • Construction liens
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Drainage problems
  • Roof defects
  • Unstable soil
  • Floor defects
  • Wall defects
  • Window defects
  • Construction injury claims
  • Construction injury defense
  • Bid disputes
  • Bond claims
  • Improper wiring
  • Improperly built or designed roofing
  • Improper testing of heating, air conditioning or ventilation systems

Notice to Owner Service

Protecting your right to place a valid lien on property in Florida requires strict adherence to the law.  We provide professional Notice To Owner services for contractors and will ensure that all statutory deadlines are met. If required, our office will file a Claim of Lien and follow-up with legal action to make sure you receive payment for your work. Don’t delay, your right to file a construction lien could be forever barred if you miss the deadline for filing a Notice To Owner. Contact The Boutty Law Firm, PA today for professional legal advice regarding your lien rights.

If you are a property Owner and you have received a Notice To Owner, The Boutty Law Firm, PA can explain your legal rights and obligations. Protect your property from possible foreclosure and protect yourself from having to pay twice for the same construction work by obtaining a Waiver and Release of Lien with every payment.


Protecting your interests in Florida construction law matters

We are ready to assist with your construction law matter, no matter how complex. Call The Boutty Law Firm, P.A. at 407-216-2766 to schedule your free initial consultation, or contact us online.


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